My 3D world | Dale Herigstadt

2014 - Ancient Future
20 maggio 2014

Past and Future from a 3D perspective... with a brand new concept of what the television of the future will be.

"Mente creativa" che ha concepito l'interfaccia grafica di Minority Report, il film di Spielberg.
Inghilterra. Assoluto GURU della ricerca  3D television, ha sviluppato un nuovo device, InAir, che consente la fruizione di contenuti web, in 3D appunto, attraverso la Tv domestica.

Il Device sarà probabilmente adottato da SKY UK e potrebbe essere presentato in anteprima per l’Italia nel corso diTEDxMatera (compatibilmente con le dotazioni tecniche disponibili)

Now living in London, Dale Herigstad spent 30 years in Hollywood as a Creative Director for motion graphics in TV and Film. His work included designing the Minority Report UI. His mission has been to apply the principles of rich media design to interactive experiences. He began designing advanced interfaces for Television more than 20 years ago and was a founder of Schematic, which was acquired by WPP in 2007. Dale has applied a critical eye to media consumption, looking at how we interact with screens, how we design hybrid content and more recently, how we design for "off-screen" media. His focus is on space as a key concept in current and future media, with virtual space and place being new frontiers, owned by the audience. He has an MFA from California Institute of the Arts and has four Emmy awards.