CoderDojo Girls | Laura Ivers

TEDxMatera 2015 - Feed Your Mind
16 maggio 2015

In the past, many people considered formal education and learning beyond age fifty of little value to society given the limited lifespan to use such knowledge. Many individuals might have considered such pursuit of knowledge as self-centered at best and viewed work beyond age sixty or sixty-five as unwarranted unless financial considerations dictated otherwise. Other critics of adult learning may have cited various reasons such as illness, genetic longevity, environment, ethnic differences, and individual habits as limiting the career and thus restricting the need for learning

Laura Ivers is based in Dublin, Ireland, holding the role of Community Associate with the CoderDojo Foundation.
Laura's has primary responsibility for sourcing, engaging and supporting the thousands of volunteers and organizers who make CoderDojo possible around the globe. She is also responsible to support and scale CoderDojo globally, including the setting up of new clubs, best practices, defining the CoderDojo learning philosophies and pedagogy and for introducing and engaging youth attendees to computer programming topics. Laura has an MA in Philosophy from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, is qualified in Project Management for digital media production and has experience on the forefront of teaching youth technology through her work with CoderDojo, her experience working with the Computer Clubhouse network and through her participation with the Trinity College Dublin