Of Women and mice | Carla Delfino

TEDxMatera 2015 - Feed Your Mind
16 maggio 2015

Mice are extraordinarily ingenious creatures, incredibly resourceful and adaptable. Despite years of trying to control their population in attempt to protect our food and ourselves, they have managed to thrive alongside human civilization. Over time, they have earned our grudging respect for their creativity, despite the danger, damage, and disease they cause.

In 2012, serial entrepreneur Carla Delfino founded Imperial Europe, an R&D production company that focuses on non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and natural pest repellants. With her outstanding work in this area, she has won a number of awards, most notably the 2014 Cartier Women’s Initiative. She also serves as the Vice President of AIDDA, the Italian Womens’ Business Owner Association. She is originally from Siracusa, Italy, and holds a doctorate in Art History and a bachelors in journalism from LUISS-Prodeo.

She is the recipient of the Rotary Foundation Scholarship, which she used to take MFA courses at SMU in Dallas, TX.