Check Point Margarita | Arlinda Çausholli

TEDxMatera 2017 - CulturalMaker
25 giugno 2017


Challenges in every day life have a different meaning if you live in a land where you are "feed by life, drops by drops".
Freedom of speech is the most important value, and Arlinda suggests us how to get it, to reach success for your dreams and programs.
She lives in Tirana. Raised up in Scutari, the historic capital of northern Albania. Journalist, publicist, expert in communication. Starts to work in journalism in 1993, with Gazeta Shqiptare, at that time the albanian version of "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno", then continuing as correspondent for the Associated Press and Corriere della Sera. She's now in charge for the Tirana Airport's Communication, since 2006. Arlinda also created a Communication Program known as Fit For Future, with the intention to contribute to the development of human communication, fundamental skill to a better quality life. She recently published the book "The Yellow Boots", every day life tales.